Discipline Actions Against Florida Nurses

The following information was obtained from the Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature, “The 2012 Florida Statutes.”  This is a listing of the Statutes from the State of Florida regarding the discipline of nurses. “464.018 Disciplinary actions.— (1) The following acts constitute grounds for denial of a license or disciplinary action, as specified in s.456.072(2): (a) Procuring, […]


Participation in the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) in Florida

The following information comes from Florida’s Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) website: Will the participation in Florida’s Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) protect my nursing license from discipline by the Florida Board of Nursing? If you are unable to practice nursing safely, due to use of drugs, alcohol, chemicals, a mental condition, or the possession or distribution of […]


Florida Nurses and Reporting Criminal History

THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS APPEARED ON THE FLORIDA BOARD OF HEALTH’S WEBSITE .  WE ADVISE ALL POTENTIAL APPLICANTS TO VISIT THE DOH WEBSITE AS IT IS CONTINUALLY UPDATED. Question: What crimes or license discipline must be reported on the (Florida nursing) application?   Answer: All convictions, guilty pleas and nolo contendere pleas must be reported, except […]


The Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN)

Most chemical dependency is generally defined as a chronic, progressive, and sometimes fatal disease with stages and a predictable course. How is chemical dependency best described in nursing? Impairment by nurses is generally characterized by the inability to perform their professional duties and responsibilities in a reasonable manner, consistent with standards acceptable for nurses.  Unfortunately, impaired practice is not […]


Florida Nurses and Reporting DWIs/DUIs and Other Crimes on Applications

  Q:         What crimes or license discipline must be reported on the application(for Florida Nurses)?   A: Except for minor traffic violations not related to the use of drugs or alcohol, all convictions, guilty pleas and nolo contendere pleas must be reported, even if adjudication is withheld,. This includes misdemeanors, felonies, “driving while intoxicated […]


Fraud Law in Florida May Curtail Some Medical Careers

TALLAHASSEE – A Florida state law designed mainly to crack down on Medicaid fraud is having unexpected consequences by keeping some health care professionals from getting or keeping their licenses at a time when the state is suffering a shortage. This little-noticed provision in the 160-page measure is preventing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians from working […]